Ofir Davidescu, PhD


Crisis Management and Organization Development Expert

(since 1983)

Successful and profitable organizations, communities and companies

thrive only when the combination

of the organization’s values,

its business goals and it’s management performance are optimal

אופיר דודסקו מומחה בניהול משברים ופיתוח ארגוני


“…Most of my clients were forwarded to me with compliments of my previous clients. When checking the facts prior to the presentation I was happy to discover that during the last decade, 70% of my clients are returning clients”.


From a lecture on networking in the business world 2008

 Method Sources

The requirement for a substantial existence derives from the capability to switch from conceding to improving.

An individual, organization, community, or a society striving to succeed should undergo such a transformation.

It is our duty to learn how to put an end to compromising and begin to improve.


Davidescu offers a wide range of expertise including organizational development, crises management, conflict resolving, leadership capability intensification for managers and finally, task-team development and instruction.


The Adraba Method, initiated and developed by Davidescu, is an intensive and daring training array for distinct staff training, holding non-conformism characteristics in an organization for the purpose of inter-organizational changes leading to crises solving and company growth. 

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