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Business sector

As part of my job as the business division manager at Bezeq International, I contracted Davidescu’s services to put together a management team and to facilitate change in the organizational culture.

Davidescu was professional and involved, he could sharply and clearly diagnose the situation, move participants from their comfort zones and push them towards ground breaking results.

Because of the team work guided by Davidescu, we could formulate the image of the future we desired, we identified the gaps in the existing situation, and we put together a work plan for achieving results.

Davidescu accompanied the managers throughout the change process and was a central partner to the success of implementing change and the new strategy of the division.

Davidescu knew when to be present and facilitate discourse and dynamics between the participants and when to intervene to ensure that everyone was authentic. He also helped participants to focus on overcoming weaknesses, thus rendering the workshops significant and effective.

 Davidescu is a true partner to success, I have no doubt I will acquire his services in the future.

Dan Zeichek

Previously Business Division Manager at Bezeq International

Today CEO of Gilat Satcom

The Kibbutz Settlement Sector

I was fortunate to work with Davidescu between the years of 2013 – 2016.

My acquaintance with Davidescu began when the Sdot Yam Kibbutz realized that it was time to deal with the social space, upsetting the foundations of the Kibbutz, the leadership of the Kibbutz, the members against each other and the members against themselves.


There were several reasons for choosing Davidescu over other consultants and facilitators, but the most important one was the added value Davidescu provides and others cannot: his ability to profoundly identify personal and social flaws vis a vis personal and social strengths and powers, and deal with them squarely with no pretenses, while constantly striving for long term results, and using structured methods that are not available to others.


As part of our joint work, Davidescu and I took care of all of the social fronts, entered the homes of people, and I will not be exaggerating when I say that we saved several of them, we worked with the young generation as well as with elderly folk, we promoted women in the community, improved the work of sectors and managers, improved the array of services available to members, based the work of the management, dealt with the education and health systems in depth and more.


Throughout our work together, various crises occurred, Davidescu skillfully lead crises to resolution, and when viewing the larger picture of our work, we created revolutions in the Kibbutz. Personal revolutions, social discourse revolutions, revolutions of dealing with the central issues, thought revolutions, revolutions in working and acting patterns, of implementing processes, of creating a culture, and personally important to me, my personal revolution and that of my work colleagues in the way I view myself as a manger and the sectors I oversee.


The experience of working with Davidescu is an empowering one, which often leaves those who are exposed to Davidescu’s sharpness and discerning analysis skills astonished, the main course being personal and close accompaniment for acting and attaining results, an accompaniment for years lasting well after six PM and after the end of the contract term.


Davidescu is an “acquired taste” and after tasting his work methods and personality, any other consultancy appears pale and shallow. Any consultant, facilitator and coach may be suitable for everyday issues, but when faced with significant, multi-systemic and critical challenges, Davidescu is the first person to whom I will turn to in the future.

Doron Horev, Community Manager in Sdot Yam Kibbutz during the years 2012-2016

Financial Sector

Dear Davidescu,

First, there are not enough words to thank you for the support, consultancy, friendship, shakeup and ability to mediate (and many more thanks). We went through a deep crisis in 2013 at the Firm. A crisis with many instigators, causing ten out of the sixteen senior managers and partners to leave.


I have no doubt that without your close accompaniment we would not have seen ourselves through that crisis and succeed in restoring the Firm to its past and present position of leadership.

As a consultant, I know our success is accredited to the clients. As a consultant who is a client, I can appreciate your immense contribution to our renewed success. It is difficult to describe the content and nature of your service. It is easy to describe the fact that it delivers results. It heals wounds, creates managerial focus.

Success, success, success.


I wish for all business owners to be wise enough to hire you. The price, albeit not low, is marginal compared with the result. In my years of consultancy, I have seen many consultants. I do not remember one so result-focused and thus helping the client to strive to find the way, together, with much effort and hardship, to attain it (the result).


Continue succeeding and especially continue making others succeed.


With friendship, thankfulness and appreciation,


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