Ofir Davidescu, PhD


Crisis Management and Organization Development Expert

(since 1983)

Achieving organizational excellence by nurturing prominent people who will create the path to success

The ‘ADRABA’ method was founded, developed and implemented by Davidescu.  ADRABA is an intensive and daring training system for nurturing prominent non-conforming employees of the company. ADRABA aims to create change in the organization that will lead to crises resolution and growth.


The method is based on the basic assumption that only those prominent employees who possess an anti-establishment point of view are those who will be able to break beyond the company’s normative structure and lead change and improvement.

ADRABA is based on pushing to improvement of central work processes, combined with support for existing intra-organizational criticism. ADRABA is based on these fundamental principles:

  • Normative employees will find it hard to change the organization by stepping out of their comfort zones

  • Normative employees who successfully function and thrive in the present company system will refuse to change it

  • To succeed and grow the organization must rely on its prominent anti-establishment employees. These employees will become the change agents, find the new way to prosperity and lead growth


Davidescu developed the ADRABA method in 1998 when he deciphered and figured out the way to retain prominent employees who were about to retire from civil service.  Writing the guidelines of the method was done together with a group of artists and intellectuals prominent in their field and anarchists at heart.


The ’ADRABA’ method is a coherent theory implemented by Davidescu for many years. The method creates courageous leadership for the organization, or company, or the community or the country.

In Summary: ADRABA nurtures the prominent people who can go against the flow!

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