Ofir Davidescu, PhD


Crisis Management and Organization Development Expert

(since 1983)

Ofir Davidescu, PhD

Developer and founder of the ‘ADRABA’ method since 1999.

The “ADRABA” method trains and nurtures prominent people

to become agents of growth and of change.

Davidescu is an expert in crises management and containment

both in the real world and in cyber space.

Since 1983 he has been a facilitator of change for growth - including personal, organization and community improvement

Davidescu is a founder of addiction-treating techniques.

Dr. Ofir Davidescu is an expert in crises management and containment, in the real world and in cyber space, reinstating successful performance, organizational development and implementation.

Partaker in personal, communal and organizational improvement processes since 1983.

Developer and founder of the ‘ADRABA’ Method since 1998 – a method for training and nurturing prominent people who go against the flow.

One of the founders of the addiction treatment field in Israel.

Married to Sharona and father of three children in Kochav Yair – Tsur Yigal

Dr. Ofir Davidescu is one of the leading experts in Israel in crisis management and conflict resolution, the developer of the ‘ADRABA method for nurturing leaders, managers, communities and organizations.

He is an expert in crisis management and strategic planning, uses the ‘ADRABA’ method to create and implement long-lasting organizational change in communities, companies and organizations since 1983.


His work combines precise diagnosis of the required improvements needed leveraging full and committed collaboration of management and improvement agents, with formulating a work plan based on the existing knowledge of the staff and on joint and continuous committed striving towards attaining the desired change.

“Those who have already experienced the workshop with Ofir Davidescu can testify that it is an unforgettable experience. Davidescu has a very friendly approach to the truth, and he finds it hard to stand idle when truth is humiliated. Striving for the truth leaves many awe-stricken, since even though the lie is multi-faceted, truth is pure and lean, and when it breaks through the veils concealing it, no one can remain indifferent. The workshop is not for everyone, and a certain level of emotional maturity is required to cope with the responsibility truth leaves in its wake.”

2001 from conclusions of a work process at Motorola.


Davidescu has an exceptional talent, courage and unique tools he uses to lead change processes and manage crises.

His extensive work with the leading companies in the Israeli economy for three decades now, has led to the wide scale growth and success of his clients, who continued using his services over and over in coping, improving and growing.


Among his clients are banks, corporations such as the Central Drink Company, communication companies, national security organizations (HLS), retail companies, high-tech companies, plants, settlements and different institutions.


With the Kibbutz Movement, he is well known for resolving social and economic crises and leading changes.

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