Ofir Davidescu, PhD


Crisis Management and Organization Development Expert

(since 1983)

The organization’s Vision

will continue to be an unrealized fantasy if known problems are not dealt with

Products & Services

  • Risk Monitoring, Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution

  • Organizational Development

  • The ‘ADRABA’ Method – Nurturing prominent people towards breakthrough

The Davidescu Shield

A model for examining the values of the organization
Working together

Organizational development begins by examining the company destiny, formulating a bridging plan suited for the improvement. The plan presents the expected price necessary for succeeding to create change.


“Often, the dream, the desire to create change, does not include the high price that must be paid, and thus change is hindered and does not occur.”

From the lecture: “most changes fail”, Haifa 2013


When an efficient and integrative combination of organization values, management behavior and business goals; companies / organizations will perform in an efficient and profitable manner over time.

The main implementation Davidescu embarks on is to create a company with a culture that successfully combines managerial behaviors, business goals and company values.

Davidescu’s work is based on a unique method, which includes;

  1. Diagnosis of the values of the organization and the quality of their implementation. Identifying breaches between values, management behavior and business goals.

  2. Diagnosis of the motivation levels and the organizational climate.

  3. Examination of abilities and knowledge required for the process of improvement and change, and

  4. Reaching an agreement with decision makers as to the goals of organizational development.


As part of the process, the training that will be provided will include tools from the fields of situational leadership, managing organizational climate, group work assignments, attaining goals, recruitment skills and motivating and enacting.

Implementing organizational development decisions is performed by using “soul players” leading the implementation.

The manner of implementation is tailored specifically to the company together with the decision makers and “soul players” in the company itself.

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